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We are storytellers for the digital age. We create videos, data visualizations, interactive experiences and brands for the progressive movement and its champions.

We have one simple rule: create great content to make people stop scrolling their feed. People only respond to interesting work.

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This is no ordinary time. But it’s not the first time our nation has been tested, and it won’t be the last. That’s why we created these short films with Color of Change, the Smithsonian APA Center, the Ms. Foundation for Women, Reform Immigration for America and that are deeply rooted in our history but remains focused on today. In the process, what connects us across time, race, gender and creed is revealed. In the end, it’s our humanity that holds us together.

Across social media, the films have received over 250,000 shares and almost 13 million views. Click below to watch.

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One of the greatest honors of our careers has been working with Senator Elizabeth Warren. From the early days when Professor Warren spearheaded Financial Reform to her rise as the champion of the working class, every step has been a deeply humbling and important experience for us to be a part of.

Click below for a timeline of our favorite work on behalf of Senator Warren and the Financial Reform movement since 2010.

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In America, there are essentially three major levers of political power: politicians, prosecutors and judges. Who controls those offices controls the laws and who applies them. To no surprise, those in power are disproportionately white men.

With the Reflective Democracy campaign, we created three interactive reports to expose the gender and racial demographic discrepancy between elected officials, candidates, prosecutors and those they represent. With the American Constitution Society, we showed that discrepancy among state judges. Click below to view each project.

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Frank Chi

Frank Chi is a filmmaker and progressive media strategist. Since 2016, his videos have received almost 35 million views and over 500,000 shares across social media, and have been recognized by The Washington Post, NBC News, ABC News among others as videos “sure to give you chills.” Watch them here.

Frank has led digital creative campaigns for five U.S. Senators, most notably for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. He was also part of the team that launched the “Notorious RBG” meme paying tribute to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Frank’s campaignwork has been recognized by The New York Times, MSNBC, Rolling Stone, among others as flagship content for the economic justice and social justice movements.

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William Donahoe

William is a digital creative consultant. He leads web development projects and advises on visual and brand strategy for political campaigns, NGOs, and publications.

His clients include Senator Elizabeth Warren, Governor Terry McAuliffe, Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Aspen Institute, Planned Parenthood, Womens Donor Network, and the American Prospect. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Slate, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and BuzzFeed.

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