This is no ordinary time. But it’s not the first time our nation has been tested, and it won’t be the last. As progressive storytellers, we believe our work should remind Americans that our past can guide our uncertain future - especially when it comes to social justice.

That’s why we created these short films with our partners at Color of Change, the Smithsonian APA Center, the Ms. Foundation for Women, Reform Immigration for America and Each film is deeply rooted in our history but remains focused on today. In the process, what connects us across time, race, gender and creed is revealed. In the end, it’s our humanity that holds us together.

Across social media, the films have received over 250,000 shares and over 13 million views. We’ve collected them here to serve as an educational and motivational space for our fellow Americans during these trying times. We look forward to creating more films with our movement partners in the coming years. We hope you will join us in this fight. Thanks for visiting.

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August 2015: One-Year Anniversary of the Ferguson Uprising

Kids Who Die with Color of Change

“The perfect #BlackLivesMatter tribute.” – The Huffington Post
December 2015: Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Proposes a “Muslim Ban”

Letters from Camp with the Smithsonian APA Center

“A heartbreaking resonance of past and present.” – ABC News
January 2017: Women Nationwide Organize Biggest Protests in American History

We Won’t Go Back with the Ms. Foundation for Women

“This gave me chills.” – Kerry Washington
February 2017: Donald Trump Begins Mass Deportations of Immigrants

I Live In A Crazy Time with Reform Immigration for America

July 2017: Celebrating the Resistance on the Fourth of July

Let America be America again with

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