One of the greatest honors of our careers has been working with Senator Elizabeth Warren. From the early days when Professor Warren spearheaded Financial Reform to her rise as the champion of the working class, every step has been a deeply humbling and important experience for us to be a part of.

Below is a timeline of our favorite work on behalf of Senator Warren and the Financial Reform movement since 2010. Today, the work that remains to fix America’s inequality crisis is at a crossroads. We all have to fight harder than ever. We hope you join us in this fight.

2010: Working with Prof. Warren at Americans for Financial Reform and the Roosevelt Institute, we created content to advocate for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and packaged the big ideas behind Dodd-Frank.
2012: When Prof. Warren jumped into the Massachusetts Senate race, we led the campaign’s creative team - designing the logo, digital videos, graphics and web properties.
2014: We created the digital campaign for Sen. Warren’s 2014 book, “A Fighting Chance.”
2015: We teamed up with Sen. Warren and Americans for Financial Reform to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Dodd-Frank.
2017: In the Trump era, Sen. Warren’s voice is now more important than ever. We designed her official “She Persisted” shirt during the Jeff Sessions confirmation fight.

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